What Sets Us Apart

For over 50 years, CAN/AM has been running the highest quality hockey events with unparalleled customer service and attention to detail. Our full time staff are available to assist you leading up to your event. On-site, plentiful, experienced staff are on hand to make your experience memorable and convenient.

Our tournament packages are designed to simplify the experience for your players and families, allowing everyone to enjoy their event. We offer full service solutions to accommodate your entire team - from booking hotel rooms together to enjoyable meal service where your entire team can eat together on a moments notice. We are committed to providing an on-ice tournament experience that matches the service you find off-ice and prior to your event.

From the minute you arrive at camp until the time you head back home, your experience will be shaped by what we have learned over four decades running camps: professionalism, attention to detail, and the most effective on-ice teaching curriculum unmatched in the industry. Our camp environment reflects this experience - we believe that no other program can provide such a complete, positive atmosphere to facilitate skill development and fun.