Lake Placid

April 8-11, 2021

At The Tournament

Welcome to the CAN/AM Challenge Cup in beautiful Lake Placid, New York! Your ultimate Tournament experience is finally about to begin. As your players arrive in Lake Placid, they will check in directly at their hotel. There, they will find their meal passes and Olympic Credentials waiting for them. Once checked in to their room, it’s time to check out Lake Placid. Everyone’s first stop is likely the Olympic Arena where they will find the historic Miracle on Ice 1980 Arena.

Games are underway! Playing Friday morning opens up your schedule for the weekend. Your team’s three game round robin will be played from Friday to Saturday night. Playing Friday morning gives your team an opportunity to see and explore more of Lake Placid. Your Olympic Credential get you access and discounts to the Olympic Venues. Downtown Lake Placid is full of shops and sites to explore. By Saturday night, Medal matchups for your division will be set. Will your team have what it takes to make it to a Medal Game on Sunday morning? Along the way, several players from your team will have a chance to show off their skills in our Shoot-Out and Relay event. There will also be a Tournament Party for the players one night. With so much to see and do, the Lake Placid Challenge Cup is an event for the whole family to experience.

The Challenge Cup is designed to maximize your team’s experience. CAN/AM has arranged all of the details for the weekend, allowing players and guest to get the most out of your weekend. All meals allow for your entire group to eat together. Forty or fifty for dinner? No problem. The tournament hotels meal service is designed to serve the needs of teams. They know your group wants to eat together, and they know that they need to accommodate your game schedule. There is no need to wait for reservations or break into groups at several restaurants. Your CAN/AM package includes all of your meals for the entire weekend. In Lake Placid, it’s all about Team. Stay together, play together, and dine as a team. The Challenge Cup Tournament experience is unlike any other.

During the weekend, the CAN/AM Staff is always available for you. There is always a helpful staff member to guide you where to go, answer questions, make suggestions, assist your players and guests, even lock and unlock your team's dressing room door! Our goal is to help your players and guests get the most out of this special hockey holiday weekend, no matter what happens on the ice. Our goal is provide an unmatched hockey experience for your team. The Challenge Cup is a professional event for amateur players. That is why so many teams choose to make the CAN/AM Lake Placid Tournament an annual event. We look forward to hosting your team in Lake Placid.