Lake Placid

April 23-26, 2020

Lake Placid April 23-26 Tournament Cancelled

Package Explanation

CAN/AM's Special Hockey Tournament is a Package Tournament. Prices are charged on a per person basis depending on the number of persons in each room. This per person cost includes hotel accommodations, meals, the tournament fee, and all of the package benefits listed for the tournament your team selects. All tax and gratuity is included in prices. The price is per person for the weekend. There are no additional fees.

In Lake Placid, the Gold Package option includes 4 days and 3 nights accommodations and all tournament features.

To calculate costs for either package, add the number of adults and players in a room. This determines the occupancy i.e. 2 adults + 1 player = triple occupancy. Once you know the occupancy, simply add the corresponding per person cost for each adult and player in that room. All rooms must contain at least one Adult. Non-player Minors do not affect occupancy. Non-player Minor pricing is a constant rate, regardless of the room occupancy.  Non-player minors ages 6-17 receive all of the same package benefits as Adults and Players. Minors stay with Parent(s) in existing bed space. Minors age 5 and under stay free and do not receive any package benefits.

Quad: Any combination of four persons.
Triple: Any combination of three persons.
Double: Two persons.

Prices are per person for the whole weekend and include applicable taxes and gratuities. There are no additional team or entry fees. All tournament fees are included in the package fees.

For a team to participate, all rostered players, coaches, managers, and guests must subscribe to the package. Rates are based on 10 or more rostered players. Teams with less than 10 players will be charged $50 for each missing player.

A non-refundable $500 deposit will be charged to your credit card when your registration is accepted. The $500 team deposit is not an extra fee.  If you paid the team deposit, you can apply it to your balance or it can be divided between the families. If the team paid the $500 deposit, it can be returned to the team 30 days after the tournament is over. Just let us know how you would like it applied.

If your team has a particular hotel preference, you will need to submit the room deposits promptly.  Hotel choices are honored on a first come-first served basis, based on the receipt of your $200 per room hotel deposits.  All of your team's deposits must be submitted before hotel placement is made. Once all deposits have been submitted, your team will be assigned a hotel. Families will then be able to proceed with the remainder of the registration process.  Any family that pays the $200 deposit by credit card will automatically be charged their remaining balance 30 days prior to the Tournament date. We will not accept any checks within 30 days of the Tournament.

All tournament related materials are due 60 days prior to the Tournament Date.  All final balances are due 30 days prior to the Tournament Date.

If an entire team cancels, there will be no individual or team refunds issued.  Refunds will be processed within 30 days after the Tournament is over. There is a $50 per room cancellation fee if a family cancels within 60 days of the Tournament.  There are no refunds for cancellations within 30 days of the Tournament.

The Lake Placid Special Hockey Tournament is an American Special Hockey Association (ASHA) sponsored tournament. ASHA Hockey rules will be followed with additional CAN/AM tournament rules. Once you register, a copy of the CAN/AM rules will be available for review.