Youth Camps

Our goal is very challenge the individual to reach his full potential as a hockey player. The CAN/AM experience takes place in an environment flexible enough to allow for differences in each individual, yet structured to provide a sense of direction. Our staff and unique locations reflect CAN/AM's aim to establish a strong relationship between hockey and education. Our programs are designed so that the player can move from one location to another and find that although the programs are varied, the goal and philosophy of each is the challenge the hockey player to be the best that he/she can be!

Over the past 50 years CAN/AM has trained and developed many or North America's top athletes. Our graduates have progressed to play and coach at various Colleges, Universities and professional levels throughout the world!

When you learn from the best, you become the best!

Adult Camps

If you're serious about improving your game CAN/AM is the place for you no matter what your skill level!

We'll give you the opportunity to be the hockey player that you've always dreamed of being! It's a fact, you can never improve dramatically by just playing in a league once a week. With CAN/AM, you will receive individualized attention while you focus on improving and maximizing your stride, stickhandling more effectively, shooting with greater accuracy, and playing smarter positional hockey. Whether you are a novice, intermediate, or advanced player, our experienced staff will help you reach the next level of play. Enjoy the special camaraderie that only the sport of hockey creates!

CAN/AM is a skill development program. You progress at your own motivational and fitness level, and the schedule allows time to relax and enjoy the varied optional recreational opportunities unique to each location!

Family Camps

Make this the Year You Travel to Camp Together!

Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins….can all join us on and off the ice for the ultimate hockey camp experience! 

This family camp experience will be one that you will all cherish for a lifetime.

Imagine all the fun you’ll have while learning how to stickhandle, pass, skate, and shoot, together as teammates… or opponents!

Our experienced coaching staff and counselors will guide your family through drills that will elevate your competitive or recreational game.  Whether you just want to have fun together as a family, or you want to master a new skill, this is the camp for you!