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CAN/AM Hockey Individualized Training Day Camp - Boston (Braintree)

The CAN/AM Individualized Training Day Camp is the perfect way to fine tune your game! Held at the beautiful Thayer Sports Center in Braintree, MA, the Individualized Training Day Camp offers a modified version of CAN/AM’s highly successful Individualized Training program.

Day Clinic Pricing

All fees are in USD and taxes are included.

June 24-28, 2024

$1399.00 - Day Camper

Individualized Training Day Camp

We are offering our most popular camp program, Individualized Training, as an on-ice only hockey camp. CAN/AM is offering this unique program to only 20 skaters per group. Ten coaches will join each group for a 2:1 on ice ratio!  This unique ratio ensures this program is designed specifically for you and your needs.  Each ice time will be designed with you specifically in mind. Having trouble with backward crossovers to your left? Your coach can work with you. Weak slapshot? No problem as your coach takes you aside for your personalized instruction. Never really understood the “trap” but were afraid to ask? Here is a chance to pick your coach’s brain.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to work one-on-one with some of the best teachers in the game of hockey!

Program Highlights

Monday-Friday on-ice training only.
Groups limited to 20 skaters.
Ages 11-16.
Campers are required to provide their own lodging and meals.

On-Ice Instruction

  • 15 hours of quality on ice instruction with targeted training beginning Monday morning and ending Friday afternoon.
    • Monday morning (1.5 hours): Monday morning skate & evaluation introduces you to the CAN/AM way and gives instructors their first chance to evaluate players.
    • Monday afternoon - Friday morning: players will have two 1.5-hour sessions daily, each with specific skills and goals.
    • Friday afternoon (1.5 hours): session serves as a recap from the week and a chance to work on any requested skills.
  • Personalized and individualized 2:1 player to instructor teaching ratio.
  • Discuss your personal agenda with your coach.
  • Daily power skating sessions with a specialized power skating instructor to enhance stride strength, balance, speed, and agility.
  • Learn exactly how you and your position fit into game situations like forechecking, neutral zone transitions, penalty killing, offensive set-ups and more.
  • Train and perfect individual skills:
    • Improve your shooting accuracy.
    • Develop a quick release.
    • Increase shooting power significantly.
    • Learn and re-learn when, where, and how to execute the correct shot from the best location to score.
    • Execute pinpoint passes.
    • Stickhandle in tight areas and in the open ice with your head up.
  • Testing for skating speed, shot power, and shot accuracy.
  • Instructional small area games to challenge campers and implement new skills.
  • Personal video analysis of your individual style and skills – a CAN/AM coach gives you specific input and skill development tips using video feedback.


Off-Ice Instruction

  • Personalized lectures focusing on your position and your questions. Topics covered:
    • Review and critique of professional situations and breakdowns resulting in goals.
    • Responsibilities of forwards & defensemen (Defensive, Neutral, and Offensive zones).
    • Detailed walkthroughs for: Breakouts, attacking the zone (triangle and cycling), face off positioning, and special teams.
    • Understanding different goaltending styles and taking advantage of their weaknesses.
    • Understanding breakaway concepts and techniques. Know what to do when a goalie comes out from his net, how slowly or quickly to approach, what visual cues to look for and what final move to make.
    • Pre-game preparation & in-game focus.
    • Learning and bouncing back from a bad game.
    • Hockey and higher education.

 Additional Package Details:

  • Individualized Training Day Camp runs Monday to Friday.
  • Parents/guardian will be required to drop off and pick up camper at designated times and location.
  • CAN/AM camp souvenir.
  • Official CAN/AM Camp jersey.
  • Personal Report: Daily feedback based on your on-ice progression and testing results. 

Arena Facilities - (Thayer Sports Center)

The Thayer Sports Center is a multi-use recreation center that opened in the Summer of 2019.  

Day Clinic Format

The Individualized Training Day Clinic will be comprised of 2 daily sessions with an off-ice learning component. Specific times, locations, and procedures for arrival and pick up will be shared about a week prior to the program start. To ensure proper sanitation, equipment bags will not be stored in the arena overnight. Campers will be responsible to carry out their own equipment.

What to Bring

It is a good idea to try on all hockey equipment prior to leaving for camp to ensure that it still fits (especially your skates).  We have a fully equipped pro shop available in case you need new equipment or sharpening.  However, you should remember that if new skates are required, they should be purchased and broken in before camp.  The hockey clinic is not the right place for breaking in a new pair of skates.

Equipment Checklist

Cup and Garter Shorts
Shin Guards
Hockey Socks
Hockey Pants
Shoulder Pads
Elbow Pads
Throat Protector (if worn during season)
Mouth Guard
Helmet and Face Mask
Sticks (2)
Water Bottle (with name clearly marked)
Ample clothing to wear under your equipment

Approximate travel times

Our Boston (Braintree) location is easy to get to whether you are traveling by car or air. Located at the Thayer Sports Center, in Braintree, MA, our Day Camp is just 15 miles south of Boston.

Clinic Pricing

All fees are in USD. Tax is included in the listed price. This is a Day Camp only. Approximate hours are 8:30am-3:30pm. Campers must provide their own accommodations and lunches.

Local Goalie Program

Attention all Goalies!!

CAN/AM Hockey Group is looking for Goalies to participate in our player programs for our summer camp at Thayer Sports Center in Braintree.  Our “Local Goalie” program gives goalies the opportunity to participate as a day camper, get lots of ice time, and see many shots!

We are looking for goalies from age 11 to 16.  We limit the number of goalies, making sure that your participation means a lot of work in the net. To be considered for this program, goalies that wish to participate must be able to attend every ice session during the week. Every goalie will be on the ice for 15 hours starting on Monday morning through Friday afternoon.

The cost for this program is $225 per week. This cost includes daily activities from the first ice session until the end of the second ice session. Your fee also includes a CAN/AM Hockey jersey. Lunches are not included in this program so you will have to bring your own. The program will start at 8:30am and end at 3:30pm.

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