Why Choose CAN/AM

Why choose CAN/AM? For over 45 years we have been answering this question. At CAN/AM, you will receive individualized attention while you focus on improving and maximizing your stride, stick-handling more effectively, shooting with greater accuracy and playing smarter positional hockey. Whether you are a novice, intermediate or advanced player, our experienced staff will help you reach the next level of play. No other program can match the quality of instructor - true teachers of the game. CAN/AM Camp is a Skill Development Program. You move at your own motivational and fitness pace and the schedule allows time to relax and enjoy the varied optional recreation opportunities.

Why choose hockey camp? Throughout the year, playing games and pickup, there is no opportunity to focus on your skill development. Improvement can be slow, hampered by trying to develop skills in the course of a game, during a short shift. And when you come back to the bench, no one is there to instruct you, review your positioning or comment on your game. Hockey camp provides a tremendous forum to improve both your skills and your knowledge of the game. Individual instruction focuses on your game, your strengths and weaknesses, trying to elevate all of your skills, skating, passing, shooting. Positional and situational instruction is designed to help you apply those individual skills more effectively during play. Coaching during scrimmages helps you understand and see the game better. Add to this a team atmosphere where everyone has come together because of their love of hockey, and you will find that hockey camp is not only a great way to improve your game, but a great vacation getaway.