Off-Ice Activities

The Camp Off-Ice Program will concentrate on team development, motivation, fitness understanding, conditioning methods and the dryland teaching of hockey skills. The Camp Staff is committed to providing the athletes with a complete understanding of the relationship between the athletes' fitness, nutrition and performance.

Techniques and Tactics
Teaching proper positions on the breakout pattern by playing soccer, proper checking positions while playing basketball, using hockey rules or offensive zone patterns while playing team handball, learning how to give and take a check with tumbling techniques…all important hockey learning experiences. Instructors will set the foundation off-Ice for on-Ice application of those skills.

Speed, Agility, and Flexibility Training
Learn current off ice training methods used by collegiate, junior, and pro hockey players. From agility ladders and dot drill mats to medicine balls and resistance bands. All exercises will be designed to create quick feet, core strength, and flexibility to take your game to the next level. A training workbook will be provided at the end of camp to continue your training.

Team Challenge
Hockey is not a game of individuals but a game played by a group of individuals molded into a TEAM. The learning what “TEAM” means is an important part of developing a hockey player. Depending on the uniqueness of each Camp location you may find yourself as part of a team attempting to solve various problems that will take you through challenging obstacles, rappelling from ropes down an incline, struggling to get the entire team to the top of a structure or the challenges of a ropes course. You will learn the importance of such critical hockey team skills as desire, cooperation, trust, motivation and just plain hard work towards a common goal. This program is under the supervision of our special Team Challenge staff and instruction is geared towards SAFETY as a priority.

Although hockey, both on and off the ice, is the focus at Camp, there are times set aside for recreation in order to relax, have fun and take a break from the concentrated hockey program. Highly qualified recreation professionals plan the supervised programs with the assistance of well trained counselors. Depending on location, activities include water sport, basketball, Top-Shot target shooting, court games and field activities. Each day comes to a close with snacks, relaxation and then lights out.