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Camp Pricing

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July 7-13, 2024

$1440.00 - Day Camper
$1980.00 - Resident Camper


July 14-20, 2024

$1440.00 - Day Camper
$1980.00 - Resident Camper


Specialized Goaltending

The goaltender – the most important person on the ice yet the least instructed player in the sport. The CAN/AM staff has developed a highly successful goaltending training program that is recognized as the best in North America. CAN/AM guarantees that the goaltender will significantly increase his/her ability to stop the puck.

Program Highlights

Boarding and Day options. Ages 8-17.

On-Ice Instruction

  • 17 hours of quality on ice instruction and station training beginning Sunday evening and ending Saturday morning.
    • Sunday evening evaluation introduces you to the CAN/AM way and gives instructors their first chance to evaluate goalies.
    • Monday-Friday: goalies will have two 1 ½ hour sessions daily, each with specific skills and goals.
    • Saturday session serves as a recap from the week and a chance to display enhanced skills during a final scrimmage.

  • Goaltenders separated into small groups according to ages and ability to maximize learning

  • Daily power skating sessions to enhance agility in movement, recovery, mobility, and foot speed.

  • Train and perfect individual skills such as stance, movement, angle play, rebound control, and puck handling.

  • Learn save selection and technique. Learn exactly how to read, react, and even dictate what happens during an offensive attack.

  • Use of screen boards, deflection boards, and mirrors to sharpen anticipation, reaction, and form.

  • Personal video analysis of your individual goaltending style and skills – a CAN/AM coach gives you specific input and skill development tips using video feedback.

  • Dedicated shooting staff capable of challenging any goaltender. Our shooters play at the pro, junior, collegiate, and AAA levels. We will adjust our shot speed and strength based on goalie age and experience.

Off-Ice Instruction

  • 3-4 hours of targeted off-ice hockey training daily including the following components:

  • Foot Speed, Agility Training & Flexibility:

  • Read & React:
    • Hand-eye coordination exercises, reflex and anticipation, along with mental and visualization techniques for control and confidence.

  • Techniques & Tactics:
    • Designed to introduce and reinforce concepts used during situational play on-ice.  By introducing these physical elements off-ice, we can help goalies focus on the mental and physical skills involved without having to worry about on-ice distractions. This leads goalies to a much greater understanding of the skill or concept in question.

  • Team Challenge:
    • Learning of what "TEAM" means is an important part of developing hockey players. You will learn the importance of such critical hockey team skills as desire, cooperation, trust, motivation and just plain hard work towards a common goal. This program is under the supervision of our special Team Challenge staff and instruction is geared towards safety as a priority.

  • Interactive lectures focusing on the goalie position and your questions. Topics covered:
    • Advantages and drawbacks of goaltending styles
    • Review and critique of professional situations, saves, and breakdowns resulting in goals.
    • Understand breakaway concepts and techniques. Know when to come out and how far, how quickly to back up, what visual cues to look for and what saves to make.
    • Goalie responsibilities.
    • Pre-game preparation & in-game focus.
    • Regrouping after a goal.
    • Learning and bouncing back from a bad game.
    • Hockey and higher education.

  • Fitness Testing for flexibility, sprinting, endurance, and power.
    • See how you measure up against goalies of your age.

  • Recreation:
    • Although hockey, both on and off the ice, is the focus at Camp, there are times set aside for recreation in order to relax, have fun and take a break from the concentrated hockey program.

Additional Package Details:

  • 7 days 6 nights accommodations.

  • Sunday camp registration 1:30pm-3:30pm and Opening Ceremonies.

  • Sunday team dinner.

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Monday-Friday.

  • Breakfast Saturday morning.

  • Olympic Center Guided Tour: How Lake Placid got the Olympic bid and the importance of the Miracle on Ice.

  • Friday evening closing activities.

  • Saturday closing remarks, Awards Ceremonies, and check-out.

  • CAN/AM camp souvenir.

  • Official CAN/AM Camp jersey

  • Personal Scouting Report: Detailed end of week evaluation including coaches’ assessment based on your on-ice and off-ice progression and testing results.

  • Training workbook to supplement your on-ice training and to guide you through on and off-ice workouts for the upcoming season.